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Humans of Impact Hub: Danielle Goldman

What are you working on now? I co-founded Open Avenues Foundation in June 2018 with the mission to equip and empower immigrants to thrive in the United States and to advance society. Our programs aim to change the narrative for… More

How Much of Your Authentic Self Do You Bring to Work? A Conversation

Recently, a group of Host Team members gathered to talk about an issue that has deep resonance for entrepreneurs: How much of your authentic self do you bring to your work, and how has that changed since you went independent?… More

Lifehacks to Save Time, Money, and Sanity for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a lifelong dream for many. We know it can entail long hours, no salary, and a fair amount of stress. Being part of a supportive coworking community can help a lot. So, too, can finding practical… More

Art for Social Change: An Evening of Visual Arts

On October 4, 2018, Impact Hub Boston hosted an evening of visual and performing arts that tie into social issues locally and internationally. This event was part of ImpactFest, an annual week-long celebration of our community’s impact, of the strength… More

Humans of Impact Hub: Jacob Fohtung

I’m Jacob Fohtung, a 2nd year MBA student at Babson College and the co-founder of Jamani Ventures, an investment platform for early-stage  African startups. I’m from a family of 8. I was born and raised in Cameroon in the West… More


Starting a business is fun, at least in the dream stage. You envision all the good you’ll do for the world and of course, she’ll reward you with a fulfilled purpose, great PR and skyrocketing revenue. Your heart is aflame… More

Summer at Impact Hub: How Does Coworking Help You Stay Productive in the Summer?

We all love the summer, but it sure is easy to get lost in dreams of lying on the beach.  What is it about Impact Hub that makes it easier to stay productive even in the summer, while still enjoying… More

Humans of Impact Hub: Christina Inge of Thoughtlight Makes Technology Friendly

Was there a moment in your life when you knew you needed to become a social innovator? Tell us about it. What led you to the work you’re doing now? My family has always been socially engaged. I grew up… More

SDGs: Pathways to Impactful Global Development

Visit Impact Hub Boston and you will see social entrepreneurs passionately working away on their global and local endeavors.  Ever wonder what these Hubbers have in common, other than sharing a common work space?  Chat with a Hubber and you… More