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Benefits of Coworking You May Not Have Considered

By July 10, 2017No Comments

Coworking spaces are widely regarded for their communal nature, economic efficiency, flexibility and convenience. There are all sorts of latent benefits to these spaces that most people are unaware of, so let’s take a look at some of these “hidden” benefits.

Group of people working together in a coworking space

A Healthier, More Positive Environment

Part of the appeal of working out of a coworking space is that it makes people feel positive. Compare working alone in a cramped and quiet room without any form of engagement to working in a communal coworking space and it is easy to determine why people opt for these shared spaces. It is quite surprising to learn that upwards of 70 percent of coworkers are adamant they can concentrate better when in a shared working space. The same percentage of coworkers feel healthier than they do in conventional office settings. Over 90 percent of coworkers report their communication improves in these shared working spaces. The bottom line is diminutive cubicles are bad for efficiency, health and teamwork. Coworking provides the exact opposite environment and it shows in the results.

Coworking Attracts Tech-Savvy Workers and Recent Graduates

Employers that want to attract recent graduates stand a better chance of appealing to new workers if they’re located in a coworking space.  A surprising 78 percent of those who make use of coworking spaces are younger than 40. Millennials are attracted to these spaces due to their innovative and communal nature. So, if you want to attract them, a coworking space can be advantageous.

Coworking Spaces Provide Access to Plenty of Amenities

There is a popular misconception that coworking spaces are nothing more than places to work. The truth is that coworking spaces provide amenities like reception services, comfy lounges, mailboxes, communications technologies and expansive conference rooms. And snacks. And events, ranging from workshops on accounting to pitch practice. Oh, yes, and coldbrew coffee.

Coworking Boosts Your Bottom Line

Opt for a coworking environment and your revenue could really grow. There is no sense in renting or buying an entire office building when you can take advantage of the scalability of a coworking space. This is especially true for small organizations and startups that offer their teams flexible hours. Coworking spreads overhead costs across numerous companies, so everyone can reap the financial rewards.

Coworking Provides Opportunities to Build Critical Relationships

Coworking environments are sometimes stereotyped as places folks go to absorb themselves in their work responsibilities. In reality, coworking provides the opportunity to network with other professionals, establish meaningful connections and maybe even spark a conversation that leads to future business endeavors. Those who make the time to be social in coworking spaces mingle with power players from other companies. These interactions spark new ideas, provide unique insight and even help develop new skills.

Work Whenever You Desire

Plenty of coworking spaces let members work at any time during the day or night. Wouldn’t it be nice to access a space strictly reserved for work whenever you desire? Maybe you are out and about making sales pitches or meeting with others during the day and need a place to work late at night. Or, maybe you would like to start your day at four in the morning. These unique work hours are often possible if you are a member of a coworking space.


The gig economy is on the rise. People are no longer staying with a single employer for decades, as they were in the past. Many people are becoming temporary employees. Some have turned to freelancing in which they work for numerous employers. Coworking is perfect for these individuals. Coworking is also ideal for organizations that are unsure how many people they will employ 6 months from now, a year from now… There’s little sense in renting or buying a property with a large office if you are uncertain as to how many people your organization will require in the next months and years, which is often the case when you are growing rapidly. Coworking is comparably flexible, allowing for the scalability every business needs.