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“We help to undergird the broader educational ecosystem during COVID…”


What does it take to stand up to a systemic bully?  What does it mean to go toe to toe with cemented biased ideology? Since COVID-19 landed on our front lawn, finger pointing has become the national pastime, creating deeper grooves between us than social distancing ever intended.  While this pandemic has brought with it mind-boggling challenges, none has been more devastating than the fear and discrimination towards the disenfranchised. Towards the immigrant. 

Enter Adam Strom, a mild-mannered defender of the disenfranchised. Nearly every day, you’ll find Adam at The Hub either at his desk or in a meeting room leading a team of teachers or non-profit organizations in a webinar.  Adam serves as Director of Re-Imagining Migration, an organization with a “lead through teaching” mission to encourage inclusivity in our world by building understanding and empathy. 

While many scramble to address the work now brought to light by the current volatile atmosphere, Adam and his team has long been in the fight against ignorance and hate. The streaks left by their capes in the sky remain as they dismantle the wall of ignorance towards immigration, a wall nearly every American has had to climb over in their ancestral history.

His ongoing mission has given him the experience to not only foresee the challenges ahead but understand their impact:

“Re-Imagining Migration recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has added to the many challenges already faced by immigrant families in the U.S. They are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus’s health and economic impacts while being scapegoated for its spread. 

In addition, COVID has dramatically disrupted the educational ecosystem, forcing K-12 schools and school systems to adapt to coronavirus-safe protocols that require radical changes impacting all aspects of life at school, including outreach to parents, professional development, communication, student-teacher interaction, and curriculum. Museums and cultural institutions are also key players in the educational ecosystem; they, too, find themselves struggling to continue to make an impact while their physical institutions are closed.”

A qualified first responder in the fight for equality and equity, Adam and Re-Imagining Migration had a ready game plan to address COVID’S challenges and bring solutions:

“We help to undergird the broader educational ecosystem during COVID and throughout the recovery by offering solutions and guidance through resources, curriculum, and professional development that our partners, educational leaders, and teachers can then confidently disseminate to their wider networks and the diverse populations they serve.”

What has paved the way for Adam and his team to work and answer the call without major deterrents are the structures they had in place which aided in preventing crisis paralysis:

“Our leadership response is anchored around five central pillars:

1. Curriculum Development

2. Online Professional Offerings 

3. On-Demand Educational Portal

4. Professional Communities

5. Partnership Fulfillment and Outreach

These anchors are the base of where Re-Imagining Migration has made significant strides. By building upon this successful framework, we are able to produce lasting systems, structures, resources and ways of working that will allow us to create and respond to opportunities that will not only answer this pandemic’s call but survive it.”  

The mission for Adam has been the same before the pandemic and will be long after: boots on the ground to stand at the wall of indifference and bridge understanding with action, one classroom, one Zoom meeting and one leadership moment at a time.