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We love coworking; it’s no secret. And we think we have the most amazing community here at Impact Hub, one of caring and trust, with tons of energy and great connections forming.

We get it, though: when you first start coworking, you might feel a bit like the “new kid.” Where do you sit? Is it OK to sit down next to strangers you’ve never met (the answer is usually “yes,” and they may become collaborators on your next big project.) What about coffee? Is it OK to take the last cup? (Yes, we will wash more. But please rinse those cups and load them in the dishwasher so it works smoothly!)

Recently, member and theater professional Monique Alvarado and I set about creating a first-timer’s guide to coworking etiquette, so you don’t have to guess. Here’s what we came up with, tongue-in-cheek, yet hopefully helpful: