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This week there are two amazing events focused on Design Thinking methodology 
here at Impact Hub Boston, both presenting tools to improve your problem-solving skills!

We know sometimes it can be overwhelming to deal with complex problems and make the world a better place! But don’t worry, Design Thinking methods can give you practical ways to start generating solutions for your organization.

Check these awesome events below and read my interview with Bozhanka Vitanova, Co-Founder of Yunus&Youth and Impact Hub Boston member, to understand why Design Thinking can be an important tool for social entrepreneurs.

Interview with Bozhanka Vitanova


Bozhanka Vitanova


Why do you think Design Thinking can be so important for social entrepreneurs?

Every structured approach to solve problems is very important, specially when you are running a social enterprise or a small business, because the problems that you deal with are multi-faceted, and you need to have some kind of methodology that let you approach them so you don’t end up being blocked, or don’t know where you start from. But you have a way of tackling them and generating some new and innovative ideas that can help you solve them.

So what we are trying to do with these workshops is to provide some tools that people can use when they are stuck on something, or they are trying to get new ideas so that they have some kind of framework to do that.


Do you use Design Thinking tools?

I use some of the tools, some of the simpler ones, and I use them in some of the programs I work with other people. And I have participated in a workshop from Drew Bonfiglio before where I was the case study, and I found it to be very useful. It was something similar to what we are doing now, so I have participated first hand, found it to be quite useful and I wanted to do something in here (Impact Hub Boston) so more members can take part.

And we’ll have another case study that will be another Impact Hub member so it will be very hands on. It’s not going to be just talking about the tools like a lecture, but it’s going to be a workshop. We are going to take one example from an Impact Hub member and try to help him.


Jordan Ross, founder of PetsEmpower


What will be the case study?

We invited Jordan Ross, founder of Pets Empower  and use the issues that he is facing in his projects as an example. We will analyse it and have something that will help him later on and in the process have people to understand how to work with these tools.

The workshop is one hour and a half. There is much you can do in this hour and a half, but we want to have an initial takeaway so people have a couple of things that then they can go back and have things to apply to their own organization, and something that will make their lives easier later!


Do you think people feel intimidated by the term Design Thinking?

I thinks it’s a little bit vague, and it’s a concept that seems cold, but no one really understand what it is. But it’s actually just a few tools that can be applied and are very useful to your work.

So this one and a half hour Tools for Impact workshop is not like “Now you will become an expert in Design Thinking” but we are going at it from a very specific angle so it will be focused on problem solving and generating insights for innovation, using 3 or 4 tools that people can use later on.

Upcoming events 


Boston+Acumen Design Thinking and Social Impact

OCTOBER 11 | 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Impact Hub Boston (5th floor – Meridian Room)

50 Milk Street, Boston, MA 02109

Admission: $25

This event is organized by Boston+Acumen a self-organized, volunteer-led group that seeks to inspire and empower like-minded individuals in the greater Boston area who are passionate about supporting Acumen’s ( mission to create a world beyond poverty.

Naz Mirzaie, Design researcher at Essential will talk about how to use the techniques of a designer to define problems, identify key stakeholders, and storyboard possible solutions. This workshop is open to students, professionals and anyone interested in learning new ways of thinking!

Register here! 


Drew Bonifiglio

Drew Bonfiglio

Tools for Impact – Using Design Thinking to Generate Insights for Innovation

OCTOBER 13 | 5:30 PM TO 7:00 PM

Impact Hub Boston (15th floor)

50 Milk Street, Boston, MA 02109

Free admission

This event is part of a monthly series created by Impact Hub Boston that brings experts to provide practical information to help social entrepreneurs to better solve their problems. 
This October the theme is Using Design Thinking to Generate Insights for Innovation, and it will be presented by Drew Bonfiglio, co-founder of Emzingo  , a social enterprise focused on creating the next generation of responsible leaders.

Register here!



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