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IHB Just Got More Awesome

By September 6, 2016No Comments

Impact Hub Boston coworking has moved to the 15th floor at 50 Milk

The rumors are true. Impact Hub Boston (IHB) has moved to the 15th floor of 50 Milk Street in Boston, and it’s better than ever. Not only are current Hubbers enjoying the additional 30+ seats and ample provisions of snacks and beverages, but they are also psyched that some of their favorite things about working out of the Hub haven’t changed at all.

So, what’s new and what’s stayed the same? Read on to find out.

How Far We’ve Come

In 2014, IHB was a small community of nearly 25 entrepreneurs working fiercely to make the world a better place. Since those early days, IHB membership has experienced more than a 5X increase in membership, now hosting over 125 residential members and more than 80 community members.

What does a larger entrepreneurial community mean for our members? For starters, it means more collisions with amazing people. In the enduring spirit of the Hub community, we hope that our larger community will contribute to more knowledge sharing and greater opportunities to exchange lessons learned from both our successes and failures.

What’s New?

The 15th floor provides abundant space for all of our members, who are already enjoying the availability of open work areas and spaces for collaboration. Between IHB and our collaboration with our sister organization, the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), Hubbers now have more space and greater connection than ever before.

With a brand new member wall, featuring both residential and community members, we can learn about the entire community and match names to faces. We also have increased interaction with fellow 15th floor residents in the CIC-hosted FabLab and Branchfood!

(Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post feature on the FabLab by our very own Camila Gascon.)




100Danish’s James Macon loves the new space. “It feels more personalized to the current Hub community. Both the new and veteran Hubbers have had a voice in shaping the new space,” says James. Co-founder of XOI Juice Linh Tran agrees, saying that the move to the new space “marks the beginning of a new chapter, and with that it represents new opportunity.”

And we cannot forget the added exercise that some of our members are experiencing due to the move. Linh says, “I get to exercise a lot because I run to the wrong floor all the time. It’s great!”

We Kept The Good Stuff

When I entered the new space for the first time I was struck by how much brightness and vibrancy Impact Hub brought to a once dim, cubicle-lined floor. Impact Hub Boston coworkingWherever Impact Hub goes, it seems to bring the sunshine with it. Impact Hub member and Director of Development at Water for Good, Adrienne Lane echoed this sentiment, “I love that we still have the same bright colors and design in the space.”

We are especially thankful for our original members who laid the foundation for new residential and community members, and the IHB and CIC community for supporting our social entrepreneurship mission. Adrienne may have said it best when she said that the move “marks a new era of growth and a new stage for the companies that work out of the space.” Together we will continue to inspire, connect, and encourage each other to make a positive impact in the world.

In what ways has the new space changed or improved the way that you work? What can we do to make it an even better place for our community? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments!