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“Looking Back, Loving Forward.” This year’s Boston Pride Month theme spoke to what the LBGTQ+ community has fought for while celebrating the victories won.  All over the world, people came together to support in communal unity for one’s right to be and love, however defined.  That same spirit was alive at Impact Hub Boston’s Pride Wine-Down, a weekly social mixer where members come together at the end of the work week to re-connect and socialize. 

‘This is what we are.  We are socially aware and conscious’.  

What started as a casual kitchen conversation between member Graunt Kruger and Impact Hub Team Leader Hilary Ippolito, blossomed into a Wine-Down dedicated to honoring and supporting the LBGTQ+ community with rainbow colored cupcakes, a history board of notable LBGTQ+ heroes and of course, wine.  

With the parade the following week, the spirit of the city along with support of members and friends made the PRIDE Wine-Down another event to honor what acceptance means in the city of Boston, at Impact Hub and to each member.  “This is the kind of thing Impact Hub does, it’s inclusive.”  Graunt responded when asked what did it mean to him to have a celebration of the Pride Month at Impact Hub. To him, the sign at Impact Hub’s entrance says it all.  It’s a sign of acceptance that tells every member and visitor that all are welcomed in this space.  A sign that says to him, ‘This is what we are.  We are socially aware and conscious’.  

The PRIDE Wine-Down was a huge success with a show of force in numbers, especially from non-LBGTQ+ members.  Many from CIC came for the first time and conversations sparked around the upcoming PRIDE city events as well as everyday life. Relationships began to forge and the laughter, like the wine continued to flow. While most congregated in groups, there were some attendees that kept to themselves, flashing a shy smile every so often.  Something that did not go unnoticed by Gruant and he wondered if this Wine-Down was an emerging first step.  A step, he could relate to.  A step we can all relate to when it comes to embracing new spaces that challenges traditional thinking and norms.

This speaks to the inclusivity and acceptance that is a thriving constant here at Impact Hub.  Whether people felt comfortable joining conversations or being alone, Impact Hub engenders an atmosphere that speaks the language of all: tolerance and acceptance.

Because simply, we’re that kind of community.