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Superman needed The Daily Planet, Batman needed all of Gotham and you need Impact Hub Boston.  Without which, being a cape crusader and crushing your startup goals would have less meaning and purpose. Saving the day looks good on a spreadsheet but can be lonely where there is no Alfred, Jimmy or Lois to share it with or even a Perry White to challenge you.

That’s the beauty of coworking at Impact Hub Boston where individual genius blossoms by our connecting to each other. There are no secret identities here and we understand better than most when you snag a phone booth while revealing that S or when you need to escape down the stairwell where your Bat mobile awaits. Yet while we’re making the world a better and more sustainable place, wearing the cape can be draining.  Trust that Impact Hub will help defend you against the kryptonite of isolation with our member lunches, coffee conversations, yoga, birthday celebrations (with cupcakes!!) and a host of other activities designed to help ease off that cape. No partitions here, we prefer for you to see great minds engaged and not a gray wall of modular elements. And every Friday, all superhero work stops for at least an hour for Wine Down (Hey, that runaway train has enough tracks to last an hour. Plus we’re faster than a speeding bullet…).

So not only is coworking better than a coffeehouse, coworking at Impact Hub Boston is even better because here you’re insulated with like minds and not isolated. We even provide the phone booths and stairwells for you.  A one person show with the back up of the Justice League. In one word, community.