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Our Amazing Tea Options!

By April 19, 2016No Comments

When I first started at Impact Hub, I was impressed at the loose leaf tea selection on the 17th floor, in part because they have one of my absolute favorites: MEM Tea Blue Flower Earl Grey. I feel strongly about my morning tea the way many people do about their morning coffee. Both the ritual of the preparation and the tea drinking are part of my morning routine. It’s a compelling argument that some people think you should drink tea every single day.

MEM Tea, located in Watertown, is a local loose-leaf favorite and I often see at many locally owned cafes and businesses in the area. Founded in 1999 in Somerville, they moved to Watertown in 2012. The company “sources its products from all over the world to provide high-quality teas at affordable prices to local cafes and restaurants.”

Since I’ve started working at 50 Milk St, the tea wall on the 18th floor opened. My new favorite mid-day work break is to go upstairs and smell the various canisters and contemplate new flavors. It’s a stunning display:

tea wall

And here is me with my favorite Blue Flower Earl Grey in front of the tea wall:

Leora with Blue Flower Earl Grey







My tea consumption has increased dramatically since I started working at Impact Hub… part of something they call the #HubEffect. Informal polling among my peers revealed that many others are also enamored of the tea wall on the 18th floor. While generally conscious of their caffeine intake at various times of the day, there was also a strong preference for black teas. Here’s a few of my favorite recommendations:


Jon with Chai CascarillaJon Curtiss, of CIC Boston, recommended Chai Cascarilla saying, “I drink two cups a day. Cascarilla means it’s made with the husks of cocoa beans. Mem Tea used to (and presumably still does) source their shells from Taza Chocolate in Somerville. Tea + Chocolate = A good day.”  [Ed: It’s true, it is yummy.]





Rich with Lapsang SouchangRich Jackson, of Health Analytic Solutions, had this to say: “Lapsang Souchang, besides being fun to say, is a good choice. When they say it tastes smoky, it really does!” Actually, this was the unprompted crowd favorite, as quite a few people recommended this blend. One called it a “smoky beast of a tea.” [Ed: I still haven’t tried it as I’m a bit intimidated by the description: “This pine-smoked black tea is reminiscent of cedar, roasted sugar cane, and sweet cigars.” The thought of drinking cigars is tough.]




Scott Novotny (of Impact Hub infamy) made a recommendation of the Gaba Baked Oolong stating, “My #everydaytea. GABA is a chemical compound that naturally occurs in some teas and is proven to reduce the effects of stress on the body. Beyond that, I find it to be a smooth oolong with a sweet – but not quite floral taste.” [Ed: I tried it and I love it! It’s smooth but almost too much to be my everyday tea.]

Career Coach Lucy Meadows pointed out the Mt. Olympos Flowers for a light tea. I just saw they now have tongs to remove the flowers without damaging them!

Tea is fueling me currently, providing my morning inspiration. Here’s to many more mornings like this:


come, let us have some tea