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We all love the summer, but it sure is easy to get lost in dreams of lying on the beach.  What is it about Impact Hub that makes it easier to stay productive even in the summer, while still enjoying the season?


Here are some thoughts from Impact Hub Members. We noticed some themes in their responses, centering around the things we agree make the Hub special: our community, our space, and our city:


Our Community


The amazing views you don’t get from your home office or even from a corporate cubicle.  

Seeing other Hubbers being productive spurs you on. As well as the events that are posted that speak to the passion of every pursuit that is represented by a company or individual.

We have a diversity of members–for some people, Summer is when their work ramps up. Many organizations are more active in the summer than any other season. That means the energy level is always great.

The Passport program, which allows you to work out of any Hub in the world for 3 days per year–summer is the perfect time to travel and explore other Hubs. We also get visitors from other cities!

The fact that the Hub offers an intern member rate makes it more possible to employ young people over the summer.

Learning about cool, fun summer activities/events from other Hubbers I didn’t even know existed.

Our sister organization, CIC, offers kayaks at their 101 Main St location. You can book them via Roomzilla.

Surfing the energy in the Focus Zone to help me crank out work when I’m in an energy fog.

Knowing the cool, fun people I get to bounce my ideas off of are SOOOOOO worth leaving my air conditioned home office cocoon for!


Our Space

THE KITCHEN!! – a place to meet, greet and catch up with others you wouldn’t see or talk to at home or at a coffee shop.  One visit to the kitchen and you can leave with referrals or recommendations that inspires you to up your game. And there are over 10 kitchens to access!!!

Great new snacks in the kitchen….

The stunning views of the city, and the energy of Downtown. You step out and are in the center of the city, someplace tourists from around the world have come to see. Seeing all the visitors to Boston from around the world, and their excitement at seeing our community, reminds me of why I love this city. And that energizes me to work hard to help my fellow Bostonians learn and be their most productive.

Hub Outings are outside at places like rooftop bars, etc.

Our City


The close proximity of the park at Post Office Square where you can take a break, get recharged and go back to your office and pound out more work!

Music in the parks to accompany a spontaneous picnic!

Taking a break on Boston Common whenever you need a break to soak in the warmth of the sun in the gardens while people watching.  Such a great way to revitalize!

The food trucks flock to Post Office Square and the Greenway!

Easier to stay focused when you can periodically take a break and step outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Commuting in to work by means other than the T or car! Biking is an amazing way to feel productive early in the morning: you make it to The Hub earlier, you’ve already knocked out some exercise, and you are wide awake and ready for you first cup of coffee. CIC makes it easy to have an active commute with the showers available on the 16th floor.  

All of the amenities Downtown. They are even more fun in the Summer.

‘Cause the summer in Boston is just great!  There’s stuff going on all over the city.