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Is working from home really all it’s touted as? What about the distractions, the loneliness, the need for community and networking that you can’t get at your kitchen table?

Recently, we asked Bostonians who work from home about the craziest detours from a productive day they experienced during a day at home. We received many relatable replies. People chatting with their pets in lieu of human coworkers. Eating too many snacks. Watching daytime TV. Procrastinating.

We also received the unique replies below. They touch on a universal experience, though. While it’s comfy to work in your pajamas, it’s equally important to be part of a community, even when you work independently. Benefits of coworking include:

  • A community of peers to socialize with, bounce ideas off of, and learn from
  • Better separation between work and non-work life
  • An environment with the right ambient noise to be productive, yet not distracted
  • Friendship, personal growth, and programs you can’t get in your living room

Please enjoy the cartoons below, drawn by the amazing artist Awesomesatyr. And then, once you’ve put the clothes in the dryer and chased off that squirrel, please stop by Impact Hub for a free day of coworking.

man walking out the door of a house and in the side door. Boston Coworking


man and bear look at each other through window. Boston Coworking


woman drinks coffee in front of laptop with sounds coming from laptop. Boston Coworking

squirrel jumps out of chest of drawers, frightening a man. Boston Coworking

woman vacuums while computer makes urgent notification noise. Boston Coworking