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Today’s freelancer is not the freelancer of yesterday, who scuttled from office to office helping clients take their success to the next level. Today’s independent worker has evolved into a creative professional of their own, seeking ways to blaze their own pathway to success. It’s happening through coworking. 

The shift is global. In the US, 41% of coworking space members are freelancers, in contrast with 36% who are corporate employees. One survey found that 81 percent of freelancers in India are using coworking spaces, and 53 percent of coworkers say it reduces stress. The way to ensure that coworking works for you is by finding the coworking space that helps you to get it done. Learn more about how to use your coworking space in ways that will have your creativity and success story exploding.

What is Coworking?

Coworking spaces are spaces that professional freelancers can join so that they have an office to go to when they don’t want to work from home. The entrepreneur who  goes to work wherever they want every day has become the most versatile trend in the private sector. 

This is a space that you go to every day to work, instead of working at home or at a client’s office. You choose the space where you know you can thrive the most.

Build the Network

A key goal for coworking for many freelancers is to find a space that will help them to build their network. It might be a coffee shop where the Wall Street gang hangs out that the market writer likes to be around. It could be a warehouse studio where artists and designers collaborate and connect with potential opportunities.

In this world, there aren’t many coworking spaces defined as “art studios” or “trading floors.” You have to do your research to find that one that appeals to your work and your niche. 

Follow the flow and the vibe that you get when you’re in a state of flow. When you feel that while researching spaces, you’ve found the one.

Create Your Own Upward Mobility

It is estimated that approximately 74 percent of professionals expect working from home or remote work to become the new standard. Companies like Twitter and Slack have launched an entirely remote workplace. 

Today’s coworking spaces allow freelancers and remote workers to have a professional space where they can still build their careers. You get all the perks of an office with the flexibility of still working from home when you wish. Impact Hub, for instance, offers amenities such as meeting rooms with videoconferencing, lattes and espresso on tap, state of the art printing, and healthy snacks. When you can’t face another Zoom from your noisy kitchen, coworking spaces have a solution for you.

Foster Your Creative Genius

When you are thinking of the coworking option for your business, spend time researching the places that will foster your creative genius. There is a coworking space out there for every freelancer today. The best space will make the most of your genius, and your success plan. You’ll know it when you see it.