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For those who are wondering what it’s like to work at Impact Hub Boston’s coworking space, and what makes Impact Hub Boston unique, here are some testimonials from our long time members.


desk with notepad, pen, and coffee in Boston coworking space

“Everything you could do in a coffee shop, you can do in a co-working space. The reverse is sadly not true…. can you print?  No.  Can you copy? No. Can you go to the bathroom? Maybe.  Can you openly collaborate, meet privately, and find a community of skilled professionals to help you?  %#@(&* to the no.”  – Derrick


 “I’ve been an Impact Hub Boston member for the past few years, and I really appreciate the studious atmosphere, coupled with the friendly community.  I find it very easy to be super-productive there, whether that means head-down writing, calls, meetings, or spontaneous conversation breaks.”   – Julianne

Imoact hub team

 “The Hub hosts are amazing.  And I routinely meet very cool community members who are doing really exciting things. It’s invigorating to be around such a vibrant group of people pursuing so many different endeavors. It keeps me optimistic in a way that working in a company office never did.” – Julianne


“I feel a sense of home, which is so vitally important to me as I transition my life to Boston.  Having the Impact Hub community helps me feel grounded at a crucial phase of my professional career, which was moving to Boston to be involved in a high-impact startup.” – Bob


“It allows me to meet some of the smartest business folk in the world and converse with them.  An informal discussion taking place 20 feet to your right could change your business.”  –  Derrick


“It’s not a fad. It’s the future of work. Smaller companies, freelancers, and experts sharing space is the evolution of work. As we further away with technology, we still need proximity to confirm our humanity.  Without the knowledge that living breathing people are around the corner, we are just toiling away [without insight].” – Derrick


“Fun, community, and learning something new about our fellow members. Having been here from the beginning, it’s amazing to see how the community has grown and evolved. Here’s to four more amazing years, and who knows what we will have accomplished in that time.”-Christina


“It was empowering to share in the constant vibe of community, even with visitors.  People were open and willing to share of themselves while connecting with others. I met individuals who, although not members, made such an impression that we are still connected today.”-Anonymous

rock climbers

“It was an especially wonderful and awe-inspiring experience to participate in the “Art for Social Change” event. To see social concerns and challenges beautifully and skillfully brought to life through art was evidence for the need of different perspectives that only a community co-working space can foster.” – Elizabeth


“It was inspiring being able to speak with members who have been involved with Impact Hub since it was conceived, starting with Geoff and his initial ideas.  What I learned was that over the arc of Impact Hub’s four years, people have done amazingly different things, but their spirit of collegiality, creativity, and support for each other has really remained constant.  The culture of Impact Hub is very strong and at the core of everything we do.”-Elizabeth