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Education Week: What Is Your Favorite Educational Quote?

By November 18, 2016No Comments

This weeks marks National Education Week, a celebration of K-12 and higher education in America, which runs from November 14-18. From supporting our public schools to acknowledging the tremendous impact of educational support staff on outcomes, #AEW2016 brings together a range of voices in support of American students. Each day has a special theme, highlighting the key contributions of those who dedicate themselves to the future of today’s youth. Tuesday was Parent’s Day, celebrating the millions of Moms and Dads who coach, help with homework, and advocate for their children. Thursday was the time for Educator for a Day, a program that brings a wide range of professionals into the classroom. Today, we wrap with Substitute Educators’ Day, supporting those sometimes unsung heros. You can check out the range of events on the NEA website here. 

Here, we share a few favorite quotes about the importance of education. We all have our own favorite memories of learning, and our own views on an ideal education–this is a week for celebrating the learning process, one that hopefully will go on throughout the year. Please feel to share your own favorite education quote or memory in the comments below!