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Earlier this month, Impact Hub Boston celebrated our fourth anniversary in spectacular style, with a weeklong series of panels, Food for Thought sessions, art events, and parties that showcased the best of our community. Here, members share what they found most meaningful in this eventful week:

Photo credit: James Macon

Fun, community, and learning something new about our fellow members. Having been here from the beginning, it’s amazing to see how the community has grown and evolved. Here’s to four more amazing years, and who knows what we will have accomplished in that time.


It was empowering to share in the constant vibe of community, even with visitors.  People were open and willing to share of themselves while connecting with others. I met individuals who, although not members, made such an impression that we are still connected today.

It was an especially wonderful and awe-inspiring experience to participate in the “Art for Social Change” event. To see social concerns and challenges beautifully and skillfully brought to life through art was evidence for the need of different perspectives that only a community co-working space can foster. Finally, I believe ImpactFest was the catalyst for many to get out of their shells and meet others they may only pass by during the week.   


I especially loved the ImpactFest birthday party!  It was inspiring being able to speak with members who have been involved with Impact Hub since it was conceived, starting with Geoff and his initial ideas.  What I learned was that over the arc of Impact Hub’s four years, people have done amazingly different things, but their spirit of collegiality, creativity, and support for each other has really remained constant.  The culture of Impact Hub is very strong and at the core of everything we do.


The ImpactFest birthday party was a great way to interact with so many people at once and get to know them in a more relaxed environment. I liked that it was a family-friendly event. I brought my son who met other kids to play and interact with. He also met the people I share the co-working space with and I told him a few stories of what they do (hoping to inspire him). I learned how to screen print and was happy to share this skill with the members and their children as well.


Loved coming together as a community to highlight the work of our members. I also loved sharing our community and what we’re all about with people who are not yet members of our dynamic community.


I thought the Movies that Matter film screening of “The Last Colony” and discussion post film was incredibly powerful. It brought together both members and non-members to address a current crisis. It was invigorating to have both the filmmaker of The Last Colony Skype in to answer questions as well as a family member of one of our hosts help facilitate the discussion.  It not only educated people about the history of the United States’ relationship with Puerto Rico but also allowed for direct action, when attendees donated essential supplies.


The “Art for Social Change” event was spectacular.  I was able to see how powerful art can be as a vehicle for social change.  Bringing local artists work into the physical space sparked many discussions about important social issues.  Hearing from the artists themselves on the gallery walk was also very powerful.