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This April 26 and 27, Hubber Habitus Incorporated will be organizing a 2-day workshop on Negotiation and Behavior Change. Organizer Justin Wright will look at the many ways we negotiate throughout our days, with colleagues, bosses, friends, and family, and help participants explore how such interactions are effective practice for the milestone negotiations in our lives, such as salary negotiations, corporate deals, and investment term sheets.

Focusing on improving participants’ communication skills and strengthening their ability to achieve desirable results for all stakeholders, the trainings will focus on actionable ways to get your point across, really hear what others are saying, and improve empathy while maintaining assertiveness. Here, as a preview of the event, Justin shares his top ten tips on being a better negotiator.


Negotiation tactics infographic 1


Negotiation tactics infographic 2


Negotiation Tactics 3 of 3-01


For more than 40-some tips, live negotiation activities, and role-playing to hone your skills, sign up for the workshop here.