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Catherine Storing - Boston coworking space Impact Hub memberShe’s a Renaissance woman: Amazon Best Selling Author, a keynote/TEDx Speaker, the Book Midwife, and an accomplished teacher. She’s written THIRTEEN books and created writing Masterclasses including Writing Made Simple Academy, the Write Your Book in 40-Days Program, and Speak Your Book FAST.  Cat is a much-loved member of Impact Hub, and alas for us, she is soon moving on to work in other spaces.  But before she does, meet the amazing Catherine Storing!


You have reached a remarkable level of professional achievement.  How did you start your journey? 

I started by finding my true self and accepting what I found. I come from the Dominican Republic where being the same was what all people wanted to be. But I didn’t want to be like everyone else! I didn’t want to fit in. I moved to Boston when I was eighteen, and I found that people here don’t all want to be like each other. I thought, These are my people! I was being accepted for me and I no longer felt like I had to conform. When I didn’t have to worry about that, I had more space to find myself and discover my gift. My true gift is I see people for who’re they’re going to be –  not who they are now. And that led to helping people access their true voice and to be all they can in life.


Tell us about being the book midwife! 

I push books out of people. I was my first client, pushing two out of me!  At first I fought sharing the knowledge I’d developed for myself of how to do this: why should I share it when it took twenty years to figure out how to tell my real and truest story?  But people kept asking me how to write a book.  So I taught a class called “Write That Book” – and that was it!  I found my truest self as the Book Midwife, teaching and sharing with others what I’d learned for myself.


What were two transformational moments in your life? 

The first was the first time I was able to really love myself as I am.  I was 19 or 20, and I looked into the mirror and really loved what I saw looking back. The second happened when I found my true voice in writing.  I wrote my second book, a midlife memoir, and as I was writing my story I had to step out of myself to do it.  It was overwhelming — I cried! Being true and real is central to my life.  I NEED to be authentic!


What races your engine? 

The future!  Possibilities!  I feel like I’m racing against myself, and either way I win.


What is your “Next Big Thing?”

I’m doing Hubspot’s Inbound conference, in a breakout session TedX style on “Having The Confidence To Be The Real You.”  I had to apply to speak at the conference, then I tweeted them and told them I applied! I wanted to make it happen. I’m so excited!  Every step I’ve taken brings me to my next level.


Advice for Impact Hubbers/seekers in general? 

Talk to everybody.  Go to the events.  Give.  I’ve been here nine months.  In that time I’ve made two best friends, developed a new program from drive-by kitchen advice, and gotten invited to keynote from a contact I made here.  During a Member Lunch someone suggested I check into ghostwriting books, and today I’m in talks with a well known professional athlete to ghostwrite his story!  That lunch opened up a whole new world to me.


You can get to know Cat and what she does better at All the best to you, Cat. We’ll always want to know what you’re doing. Godspeed and please stay in touch!

-Elizabeth Ames