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Last year, from December 14 to 16, 2016, I was happy to do the Impact Hub Global Instagram Takeover (IHGIT). Impact Hub is a more than just a coworking space; it is an innovation lab, a social enterprise community center, and a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities. In Boston, the best startups start here.

So anyway, back to the IHGIT! We took over the main Impact Hub Global Instagram account, one of several Hub around the globe to take a turn showing the rest of the network what life is like in our coworking communities, and our cities at large. The format was to show the community the perspective of an Impact Hub Boston (IHB) member through their daily activities and to give a personal insight of what the coworking space is all about. As a member of IHB, I was happy to post some pictures each day, but I took it a notch higher with some amazing videos, with the help of Impact Hub Boston Executive Chairman, Geoff Mamlet.

This was a meaningful fun project for me because it was a different way of reflecting on why I made the decision to stop working from home and join a coworking space in the heart of Boston.

Here’s a picture essay with highlights of the content I posted over the week. I hope you can enjoy Impact Hub Boston through my eyes.


The view of my commute to Impact Hub Boston as seen from Congress St, Boston. The buildings inspire me to dream bigger. The traffic moves fast enough to take in the sky view _ the sky is the limit.


As you enter Impact Hub Boston, the wall on the left gives you a warm neatly chalked welcome and a portioned reminder of what the space is all about.


Every Wednesday, member lunch is an event to look forward to! It is a great opportunity to network and reconnect with people in the space. Did I mention lunch is super discounted for members?


Giant calendar on the wall: This is one of the ways we keep up with events going on for each month.

Screenshot_20170412-124752 Screenshot_20170412-125034






Screenshot_20170412-124806 Screenshot_20170412-152140 Screenshot_20170412-125025

A few videos…