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This is Monique Alvarado, Impact Hub Daytime Host again! Reporting on what the first session of U.Lab was like for this year’s 2016 participants. Additionally, I will share my own journey of change in future posts.  Previously, I had reported a bit on the history and intention of Otto Scharmer’s – “Theory U” and Impact Hub’s collaboration with the Presencing Institute to host a series of hubs.

On September 15th, 2016 we kicked off U.Lab with a live-session along with other hubs around the world in a process that Scharmer calls “Co-Initiation. Many were quite unsure what to expect from the word “co-initiation”. However he defines it as:


Co-Initiating: The movement of the U that helps us listen to what life calls us to do in order to crystallize an initial sense of intention and direction. We co-initiate by attentive listening to others, to ourselves, and to what emerges from constellations or circles of people that we help bring together.” 

I had gathered that this is where we would hold our community by the hand and dive right into a journey of joint discovery. It began with sharing the class’ online survey results to some deep questions like “Where are you experiencing a world that is ending or dying?”

Things that people felt are dying in the world.

Things that people felt are dying in the world.


Those that did the 90 minute pre-requisite course were asked to form and bring an intention as an offering to the group. This intention could be anything that one was hoping to work on within the scope of U.Lab. This went along with the question “Where are you experiencing a world to be born?”


When asked what was keeping people from this purpose – the following answers were given:

What is holding back change?

What is holding back change?


The live-session featured some Q&A’s from all around the world, along with short videos people had made of their intentions. What struck me was the diversity of projects and movements that had come out and together to participate in U.Lab. For instance, there was a women’s group from Jaipur – crowded around a single laptop, A project coming out of Scotland, stories from the U.Lab class at Impact Hub Brixton that had created the Community Fridge project in 2015. The most striking part was that we were asked to partake in a 5-minute global moment of silence that we took to really set in our intention and be present in the moment with those sharing this space of action and discovery. It was a wonderful example of the power of shared community.

It was clear to see that this movement was powerful, growing, and that Impact Hub is an ideal arena for this to happen. Otto Scharmer spoke of their future plans to develop more chances to capitalize on the growth of the U.Lab movement.

In closing, we checked-out of our session by co-creating a drawing of our thoughts and intentions!



Starting the journey…


Building onto the shared dream…

Meeting and co-initiating our Impact Hub Boston Community

Coming together and co-initiating our Impact Hub Boston community!


The energy was thick with a sense of shared wonder. Personally, I left the session so activated and buzzing with ideas – I had to bounce on the balls and spend some time in the Spun chair in the Impact Hub space for a good five minutes to channel my excitement!  I really couldn’t wait for the next week and all of the amazing inspirational conversations and potentially joining a coaching group.


Until the next journey up and down the U!

This blog post was written by Monique Alvarado, an Impact Hub Boston Community Host in the Fall 2016 Cohort .
If you have any questions about Organizational Psychology, this post, or what it’s like to be a grad student Impact Hub Boston feel free to contact her at: or on Twitter @MoneekyA !