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On October 4, 2018, Impact Hub Boston hosted an evening of visual and performing arts that tie into social issues locally and internationally. This event was part of ImpactFest, an annual week-long celebration of our community’s impact, of the strength of our social impact ecosystem in Boston, and of our fifth birthday as Impact Hub Boston.


Visual art was rotated in the IHB space for a week before the event, to view and absorb before an evening of meeting and greeting the local artists whose work was on display. It was a lovely evening of creativity and conversation on art as a beacon of social change.


Meet The Artists:

  • Sandy Smith-Garces – Sandy Smith-Garces is a visual artist working in the greater Boston area. Drawn with charcoal and graphite, her art is often in the form of visual essays that lure viewers into stories that are complex and sometimes disturbing. Combining the power of journalism with classical techniques and an often conceptual approach to storytelling, much of her work focuses on the vulnerability of women in the 21st century. Ms. Smith-Garces received her Master of Fine Arts degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where she was the recipient of the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award for excellence in art. Her appreciation for the craftsmanship of Renaissance masters was informed by her graduate study at S.A.C.I. in Florence, Italy. She has exhibited in both solo and group shows in New York and Boston and her drawings and illustrations have been featured in several books and catalogues.
  • Brandon Melendez – Brandon Melendez is a Mexican-American poet from California and the author of Gold That Frames The Mirror (Write Bloody Publishing 2019). He is a National Poetry Slam finalist and two-time Berkeley Grand Slam Champion. A recipient of the the 2018 Djanikian Scholarship from The Adroit Journal, and the 2018 Academy of American Poets Award, his poems can be found in Black Warrior Review, Muzzle Magazine, Ninth Letter, PANK, and elsewhere. He is currently an MFA candidate at Emerson College.
  • Melissa Alexis – Melissa Alexis is a facilitator, dance artist, yoga teacher, writer and entrepreneur. The threads that hold these roles together are the urge to create, the need to serve, and the desire to envision and support a world full of people who do good for the common good. In 2016 she founded Cultural Fabric, a mindfulness-based consulting firm that utilizes approaches to mindfulness through movement in service of healing, justice, and inclusion. She coaches and delivers customized programs and classes to individuals and leaders in communities and organizations, all with the mission of elevating and awakening us to greater awareness for change.
  • Isabelle Schnadig – Isabelle Schnadig is a French-American artist who began painting portraits, landscapes, and still life 16 years ago. She works out of a home studio in Concord, MA where she developed a passion for gardening that has allowed her to better see composition and harmony through nature. For the past two years, she has focused on Art for Social Change including Climate Change Is Real, The Plight of the Refugees and Victims of Gun Violence.  Her most recent series is called: Victims of War Crimes and Violence. Inspired by images in newspapers, books and the internet, people are portrayed in traumatic situations, each painting depicting the subjects as victim and survivor, conveying both the hardship and resilience of those who suffer. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her work goes to support D.I.A.S. (Dignity in Asylum; For more information, please go to:
  • Georgenia Toussaint – Georgenia Toussaint, creator of ArtGSoul, is a self-taught, passionate artist. In 1999, she mastered her craft by creating paintings that not only tell stories but give life to what strong women go through daily. Using oil and acrylic base on canvas, she’s chosen bold, vibrant colors to depict emotion, and an array of brushstrokes, layers, and textures of paint, making her paintings one-of-a-kind original pieces, each one displaying the strength and beauty of women in various ways. Her paintings include almost no facial features, enabling people to see a representation of themselves in her artwork. Her art studio is currently located in Cambridge, MA. Her paintings aren’t just art, it’s art from the soul.
  • Jourdan Christopher – Jourdan Christopher is an African-American artist and photographer born in Detroit, Michigan. Jourdan settled with his family in Memphis, TN, in the early 2000’s. He studied Rhetorical Studies and Philosophy at Bates College in 2014 and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Jourdan’s work focuses on presence and the subtle and silent moments of unguarded life. His photography and writing have been featured in the Boston Globe,, and a number of other galleries and publications in Boston and beyond.
  • Djeneba Mansaraé – Cultured Through Style. Revolutionizing the way we see culture depicted in fashion. Mansaraé creates for chic, upcoming young individuals in an urban, upbeat city who are not afraid of a pop of color. These individuals have a purpose, and with the right ensemble, they are confident that they can fulfill it. Personal image is vital because it represents who they are and what they stand for. Djeneba goes by the ideology of Nina Simone: “It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times,” and that’s how Djeneba intends to connect to people all over the world; through fashion.