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Insanely passionate. These two words describe Hubber Sara Gifford in her fight to incite community activism in the political sphere. With a successful career in software behind them, Sara and her husband came out of retirement to help breathe life into political awareness and engagement for the everyday citizen.  

They developed an app that would create a safe space for voters, to allow each American to be a mini-activist, be able to connect to other voters and get excited about exercising their voice.

How do you see the app ActiVote creating community and empowering Americans?

People can see the different issues and where they stand on them compared to other voters and politicians. They would see their position in the political spectrum and get a clear understanding of the political landscape to allow them to make an informed choice at the polls.

With ActiVote you can also see who is running for office and how their beliefs align with yours. It gives you a snapshot of your community’s politics and where support is needed most.  Voting can be personal, and ActiVote allows you to build community with like minds. The app is non-partisan and non-polarizing, it just gives you the information you wouldn’t otherwise have access to so you can make your own grounded decision.

“Voting can be personal, and ActiVote allows you to build community with like minds.”

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to be successful in your line of work?

I live by the Hedgehog Concept, an idea of Jim Collins:

1. Be insanely passionate

2. Believe you can be world-class

3. Have an economic engine

What number child were you and how did that impact your life?

I was the first born and never had to walk in the shadow of my siblings.  My sister had to deal with being identified as “You’re Sara’s sister.”  I was free to forge my own path and not be hindered by expectations to walk in an elder sibling’s footprints.

What is the best way for other Hubbers or CIC members to connect with you?

I’m usually here during the week or feel free to SLACK me @saragifford and I’d love to have a fireside chat at the community tables!

Lastly, if someone wanted to engage their community and get excited about exercising their voice, where can they access the ActiVote app?

The ActiVote app can be downloaded through the following Apple and Google Play links:



We encourage everyone to have fun engaging the app and get their friends and family involved too!