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Impact Hub Boston’s social media team meets occasionally with one of the amazing members of our coworking space to write about the story behind their work. Today, we are pleased to meet Candice Lam, the Founder of Travel Impactful to ask her about her story and her project.                    

Hub Team: What are you working on now?

I recently founded Travel Impactful to offer travel packages that provide a holistic immersive experience in the host country. I want to integrate social impact volunteering, wellness practices, and cultural exchange into the travel experience. We basically aim to create a community who supports sustainable travel experiences that have a positive impact on local entrepreneurs and communities.                                                                                                                       

Hub Team: What led you to the work you’re doing now?

I love traveling and learning about people from different parts of the world and I am also passionate about volunteering and helping those who have special needs. Therefore, I decided to create Travel Impactful. I want to build a community of likeminded people who can enjoy traveling with me and make massive impact by living and contributing to communities on the ground in the countries we visit. Before working on this I used to work on another personal project where I used to recruit volunteers to go to the rural countryside in China to teach and run summer camps for children. I also used to do part-time work as a CPA on the side.

Hub Team: If you could go back and give yourself three pieces of advice when you started your project/organization/business, what would that advice be?

I just started this a few weeks ago, so I am still learning through the process. However, I can share a few lessons that I learned from my previous experiences. First, learn how to embrace and love failures because you will learn from them and improve your outcomes next time you try. I also learned never to take failure or people’s criticism personally. Second, build a supportive community around you of those who really believe in your mission while you are starting a business because entrepreneurship is such a lonely journey and it would be very difficult if you do it alone. Third, it takes time to find your passion and to pursue it, so be patient and keep searching for your passion by trying different things. Once you find your passion, then that will catapult your energy and enthusiasm.

Hub Team: Where should people go if they want to find out more about what you’re doing?

Please check

Manal Baqer

Manal Baqer

Social Media Team @ Impact Hub Boston