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I’m Jacob Fohtung, a 2nd year MBA student at Babson College and the co-founder of Jamani Ventures, an investment platform for early-stage Jacob Fohtung African startups. I’m from a family of 8. I was born and raised in Cameroon in the West Africa by a physician and pharmacist. I always thought that I wanted to be a physician — that I wanted to be a physician like my dad. I did sciences in  high school in Cameroon, studied pre-med in college in the US and even applied for US medical schools. But then, 3 years ago I was exposed to entrepreneurship and decided to take a new trajectory. This was in April of 2014.  A dear friend took to the MIT Hacking Medicine event, and I just loved the creativity as well as innovation that was in the atmosphere. After this event, I decided to attend hackathons in Boston monthly and even helped co-organize some.

Eventually, I decided to move to Boston in July of 2015.  Here I have been able to be able to start my business school education, start my venture, and be a part of the Boston Impact Hub co-working space as a host. I love every part of the Impact Hub community!  It has given me the opportunity to connect with others who can provide me with tools and resources to build Jamani Ventures.


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