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“I found climbing really early on in my life and it’s something that has stuck with me throughout the years. The sport itself is always changing both in what people are capable of, and how the sport evolves on a professional level. Every year the pros push the boundary of what is possible by surpassing the universal grading system* set in-place by the climbing community (The V Scale). While this is happening the community is becoming more and more recognized for the sport: we’re at the cusp of having climbing in the olympics, which is a huge move for the sport considering how young it is compared to other olympic sports. I’ve always found myself to be an indoor climber since I like the regularity and workout focused component. A few years back I sustained sizable internal injuries that forced me to hang up my climbing shoes and harness for over a year. It wasn’t until that point that I realized how much it meant to me. Now that I can climb again I’ve made it my primary form of exercise and make sure to get out to our local climbing gym here in Boston three plus times a week.”


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Nathan Botelho
Owner of Temper and Forge

A boutique web-firm that builds websites for small businesses.