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Boston’s Mini United Nations

By June 23, 2017No Comments

The day after Donald Trump was elected President of the USA, as an immigrant I felt a little scared for my future, but I also felt very motivated to do more for this already great country, my new country. That was the day I decided to start a Comunicas project in a Boston neighborhood.

On March 17th, we launched the We choose Dorchester for many reasons, including that it is the biggest neighborhood of Boston, one of the most diverse (actually a zip code area of Dorchester is the 8th most diverse of the country), and more than 30% of the population are immigrants. The main reason is because of the amazing people I have met there.

To be honest, before all this, my perception of Dorchester was basically that it wasn’t a good place to be. I am not really sure why I had that perception, but I guess it came from word-to-mouth comments and stories highlighting the violence in this specific neighborhood. The first thing I learned: the reality is quite different.

In Dorchester there are many start-ups, non-profit organizations, incubators and businesses growing and investing. For example the guys from the Dorchester Brewing Company, or the Dorchester Food Cooperative, or the Commonwealth Kitchen incubator. Dorchester is also a place where you can find almost any kind of restaurant, places for worship of all religions, and people from everywhere. That’s probably the reason why they call it “Mini United Nations” of Boston.

We asked some residents what they thought, and you can see our video here:

Next time you want to do something in Boston, try Dorchester.


By Juan Perfetti