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Just around the corner from the main Impact Hub coworking space and nestled between BranchFoods and CIC’s FabLab is Design Town, a central work space for the Design Museum Boston. The Design Museum Boston is a nonprofit nomadic museum with a two-part core mission. Firstly, they hope to educate the world about the role that design plays in our lives, and secondly, they hope to create social impact in Boston by enriching collective work, making businesses more competitive, and solving real-world problems with creativity.

You may be wondering what makes a museum nomadic. For starters, the Design Museum Boston isn’t a single gallery space. Instead, the museum has distributed art and design throughout the city in the form of open-to-the-public exhibits and events. By avoiding a permanent address, the museum has been able to curate design all over the city and into our everyday lives in ways that make our lives more beautiful, exciting, and thoughtful.

The museum is also nomadic in its belief that design exists everywhere. Using Boston as their canvas, the museum has literally painted the town with exhibits that can be found in retail spaces, public spaces, and in the outdoors. They are particularly inspired by revolutionary designs based both on a willingness to break with tradition and problem solving. The design content is intended to provide viewers with a fresh perspective on how the design process works and educate them about what can be achieved through design to create greater social, economic, and environmental impact.

You can check out the latest Design Museum Boston exhibit called the Pattern Walk now until November 4th. The Pattern Walk is an outdoor graphic design installation covering the concrete columns of the Harbor Garage at 70 East India Row, Boston, MA 02110. The graphic designs have been created by 9 local artists. More information on the inspiration behind each design is available here.


The Pattern Walk


In addition to exhibits and installations, Design Museum Boston also facilitates local events. An upcoming event to check out is the Workplace Innovation SummitThis event is organized by the Center for Workplace Innovation, which focuses on creating thought leadership around improving how we work.


Workplace Innovation Summit


As you can see, Design Museum Boston provides a variety of different formats to learn more about the design that exists in the world around us and, in doing so, they have also created a social impact through their educational resources and events that focus on enriching collective work and solving real-world problems with creativity.

Want more information? Check out the Design Museum Boston’s website, which includes an interactive map of all the exhibitions and installations around town as well as a list of all upcoming events, or take a stroll around the corner from our 15th floor kitchen and introduce yourself!