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Jessica Eshleman is the new Events Lead team member at Impact Hub Boston.  We talked to her about her previous career accomplishments, and her experience on the Appalachian Trail.  


My name is Jessica Eshleman, and I’m the newest member here on the staff of Impact Hub Boston.  My role is Events Lead, and as such I get a great opportunity to work with members, community groups, to shape the programming that’s offered at Impact Hub Boston.

So often we think about the shared workspace, the coworking space here in the building, but Impact Hub is about a mission, and that can be carried out through events and programming.

Working with purpose-driven communities has been very central to me as a professional.  I did downtown revitalization in two cities in New Hampshire- Nashua, and Concord.

New Hampshire Humanities is a statewide non-profit, and the mission is all about life learning.  It gave a chance for those program participants to really reflect on what it means to be human, to be American, to be part of our citizenry, and to empower them to be better at all of those things.

Events have always been an important tool for me to use to build community around things that matter in terms of values, things to celebrate, and directions to take that community in.

I had a very interesting trail that lead me to Impact Hub Boston.  After 15 years working within cultural non-profits in New Hampshire, I took advantage of an amazing opportunity to hike the Appalachian Trail, and that was over the course of 2016.  There’s this great tradition on the Appalachian Trail where hikers are given “trail names.”  My trail name was given to me by a dear friend, and that trail name is Skooch.  I pondered, because we had the chance to reject names.  I accepted it because I think it captures my appetite for adventure, but the caution that I take when I pursue those goals of adventure.