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Since 2013, Impact Hub Boston (IHB) has attracted non-profit and for-profit social impact organizations to work within a collaborative space that promotes growth, positivity, and acceptance.  For a new venture, an important benefit of being located within this environment is the visibility that IHB affords to its members. Through the strong affiliation that it maintains with its sister organization CIC, which hosts over a 100 events monthly in its Boson locations together with IHB, Impact Hub provides its members with visibility and access to many of the local entrepreneurship-oriented seminars and events. 

Additionally, Impact Hub Global forms affiliations that all member Impact Hubs can participate in, such as the collaboration with Sparknews, “a social enterprise that identifies, shares, and amplifies positive solutions to the important problems of our time.”  This collaboration has resulted in Impact Journalism Day, a platform for social entrepreneurs at Impact Hubs worldwide to share their visions and works with the global community.

IJD Impact 1

According to Sparknews, Impact Journalism Day 2018 (IJD 2018) will be held on June 16th – a day on which “50 of themost prestigious media from around the world will come together, publishing 60 positive stories.”

These media outlets will publish the works of the entrepreneurs on the same day to reach 120 million readers and 50 million people on social media (based on the 2017 readership).

IJD Visibility

This is the sixth year that IJD is celebrated through the publication of impact stories selected from entries submitted following a global call for submission made in February.  A preview of all 60 stories that will published is currently available.

At its core, Sparknews has two objectives: “firstly, to give positive initiatives theopportunity to scale up by increasing their visibility and connections and secondly, to inspire the maximum number of readers to take action and support an inclusive and sustainable world.”

IJD2018 is also promoted by One Young World, the United Nations Development Program, and corporate partners to bring visibility to the projects in 45 countries worldwide.

If you would like your organization to be featured in next year’s Impact Journalism Day, consider submitting your organization’s work and keeping an eye out for the calls in early 2019.