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Erik Modahl: Building community through coffee

By March 31, 2017No Comments

My name is Erik Modahl, and I’m with Beantrust. 

Beantrust is about building community through coffee.

Well, when you have an awesome cup of coffee, and it tastes delicious, smells great, and you have some people to talk with, it fuels great conversation.

Conversation cafe is a weekly gathering around coffee and conversation that happens at the Impact Hub on Friday afternoons.

One of the fruits of conversation cafe is really getting to know the person, rather than what the person necessarily does, but it’s getting to know who they are.
Camila, one of the hosts at Impact Hub Boston, wrote a number of different principles on the wall as far as generating good conversation. (Open-mindedness. Acceptance. Curiosity. Discovery. Sincerity. Brevity.)

They resonate to me with a manner of approach that really treats the other person in a special way.