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Humans of Impact Hub Boston

Humans of Impact Hub: Sandy Yeung

By February 28, 2017No Comments

Sandy Yeung is a lawyer specializing in immigration and family law with over 10 years of professional experience. She worked for Greater Boston Legal Service Sandy-Yeungbefore starting her own practice at Impact Hub Boston, Law Office of Sandy Yeung, in October 2015.  Attorney Yeung is committed to increasing access to representation for immigrants and families.

Q: What led you to the work you’re doing now?

My parents and I are immigrants. I grew up in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic and Long Island, New York. As an immigrant myself, I feel the need to help immigrant families understand US legal systems better. Sometimes, our court system is not that empowering, especially for vulnerable groups. What I can do, is by explaining the system to them (like women, new immigrants), they can use the system to their advantage and in such way as to empower themselves.

Q: If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

  1. Inaugurating a different president, a more immigrant-friendly president;
  2. A world with people that are kinder and more empathetic to each other;
  3. Stand in other people’s shoes, read more about people you don’t agree with.

Q: Tell us about the community you serve/problem you solve?

I mostly address the legal needs of the Chinese community in Boston (including immigrants’ rights and women’s rights) and works closely with several community organizations in Boston’s Chinatown. I’m also volunteering for the Chinese Progressive Association, which is a nonprofit grassroots organization focusing on workers’ rights and community empowerment.

Q: If you could go back and give yourself three pieces of advice when you started your project/organization/business, what would that advice be?

  1. Be more patient – it will work out fine;
  2. Be kind of your friend and family – they are helping you so much;
  3. Just do it – take the risk and don’t worry too much.