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Being an entrepreneur is a lifelong dream for many. We know it can entail long hours, no salary, and a fair amount of stress. Being part of a supportive coworking community can help a lot. So, too, can finding practical ways to live well on less while you wait for your ship to come in, and saving time whether you’re just starting out and working long hours, or growing rapidly and working long hours. Our social media hosts, all entrepreneurs themselves, recently gathered to share our best tips on living the good life even when you’re in the midst of building your dream:

  1. Use PeaPod for basic food/drinks/pet food delivery.  Shopping takes 5 minutes instead of being a saga and you can leave behind lugging heavy bags
  2. Save money by using one of the many Chrome extensions such as Ebates that add coupons to many of your online orders.
  3. Have a reasonable indulgence: regular pedicures, an occasional latte, fresh flowers from a CSA. You need to save money, and you need to be efficient, but you also need to enjoy the journey. Reasonable luxuries can be part of self-care.
  4. Want to attend a regional conference? Many need volunteers and will provide you with a free ticket in exchange for helping out with the event. You can learn new skills, network, and attend the conference for free.
  5. Make a few different sauces or salad dressings (or buy some inexpensive ones) and make a pot of fresh lentils/beans and rice/grains. Add steamed vegetables and sauce/dressing, which adds variety, is inexpensive, and healthy.
  6. Many of our side hustles and professional memberships come with discounts. For instance, if you are teaching, your ID can get you a percentage off at so many stores. You’ll be surprised! In addition, professional organizations are not just good for networking–they often have substantial group packages for business insurance and other necessities.
  7. Simplify your meals to a few selections per week and rinse and repeat every so often. You will no longer struggle at the markets and over-indulge. Buy what’s necessary.
  8. Mark your calendar to call your cell phone, internet, etc. companies and ask what specials they are running to see if you’re eligible for a discount/special deal- to reduce your bills. Make sure what you are paying for health, car, and home insurance are the best deals.
  9. Use Zapier to automate a lot of tasks, such as posting to your social media or organizing expenses. It’s like having an extra employee!
  10. Do work exchanges for yoga, fitness classes and memberships or switch to the inexpensive CIC membership.
  11. Carpool.
  12. Make a date with lady friends and do your nails together at home instead of mani/pedis. Watch a chick flick, eat pizza, have at it.
  13. Host at Impact Hub — barter for your workspace. (Find out more here) 
  14. Get the Boston parking app for your phone — use on street parking, get rid of parking tickets
  15. Get clothes and household items at Boomerang or thrift stores in or near more luxurious neighborhoods.
  16. Cut the cord! Using streaming services instead of cable saves a lot
  17. Use the public library instead of Amazon downloads.
  18. Use the Libby app to check out ebooks and audiobooks from library.