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Introducing Ali Fuller, CEO of Level Ground Boston

(Featured Photograph by John Huet) Alexandra “Ali” Fuller is the CEO and founder of Level Ground (LG), an organization that cultivates resilience and grit in urban youth through the practice of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). By teaching these values both… More

Learning Diversity: My Bumpy Start on a Personal Change Journey

As a young professional and emerging entrepreneur whose central work is in diversity – I held my breath as many in the nation watched the rash of violence making its way in cities across the country in the last few… More

Our U.Lab Journey: Co-Initiation

This is Monique Alvarado, Impact Hub Daytime Host again! Reporting on what the first session of U.Lab was like for this year’s 2016 participants. Additionally, I will share my own journey of change in future posts.  Previously, I had reported… More

Fab@CIC part 2: My Laser Cutter Experience at FabLab

A while back, I shared about my first visit to FabLab and what it’s all about. After taking the training and learning about how to safely operate the laser cutter, I decided to create some small posters to welcome Impact… More