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Leaders of Impact Hub: Katie Shultz

Katie has been at the heart of the Impact Hub Boston community since the beginning, building community with insight and warmth. Widely announced as Director this February, Katie has taken the helm at an important time in Impact Hub Boston’s… More

Lessons from Fatherhood to Entrepreneurship

Last month, we received great lessons from the mothers working out of one of the best coworking spaces in Boston- our Impact Hub. This month in honor of the all great entrepreneurial dads, I did more reflection on the subject… More

Introducing Ali Fuller, CEO of Level Ground Boston

(Featured Photograph by John Huet) Alexandra “Ali” Fuller is the CEO and founder of Level Ground (LG), an organization that cultivates resilience and grit in urban youth through the practice of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). By teaching these values both… More

Kindness in Action: A Core Impact Hub Value

Much of what we know about the effects and benefits of kindness comes from our subjective experience. Feelings of well-being, altruism, community values are tied to ideals like empathy and kindness. The scientific and business research is beginning to show… More

Humans of Impact Hub: Trevor Collins

Trevor Collins is the CEO and founder of two companies: 100 Danish, which crafts beautiful and intuitive websites that tell a story and positivio, which is a mechanism for the world to interact with news in real time and create… More

Seven Prescriptions to Cure the Social Innovator’s Post-Election Blues

Now that the 2016 election is over, the question confronts us: What are we to do? Political solutions are not going to come in the next four years for the many urgent problems of the world. Our national politics are… More