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Aki Balogh grows Marketmuse out of Impact Hub Boston

One goal of Impact Hub Boston is to be a space for growing companies.  As our member companies become successful, some grow beyond the resources and space we can provide.  Aki Balogh has been a member of Impact Hub Boston… More

Boston’s Mini United Nations

The day after Donald Trump was elected President of the USA, as an immigrant I felt a little scared for my future, but I also felt very motivated to do more for this already great country, my new country. That… More

Lessons from Fatherhood to Entrepreneurship

Last month, we received great lessons from the mothers working out of one of the best coworking spaces in Boston- our Impact Hub. This month in honor of the all great entrepreneurial dads, I did more reflection on the subject… More

Humans of Impact Hub: Diane Basemera

  Q: Could you tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Diane Basemera and I’m the founder and CEO of Amooti is an online marketplace that provides easy access to Africa inspired art, fashion and culture, but… More

Interview: Bozhanka Vitanova

“What Makes A Social Entrepreneur?” As we look around the space at the Impact Hub Boston, we see innovators working hard to contribute to the society and the world at large by bringing about social change. As these social entrepreneurs… More

Introducing Ali Fuller, CEO of Level Ground Boston

(Featured Photograph by John Huet) Alexandra “Ali” Fuller is the CEO and founder of Level Ground (LG), an organization that cultivates resilience and grit in urban youth through the practice of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). By teaching these values both… More

Seven Prescriptions to Cure the Social Innovator’s Post-Election Blues

Now that the 2016 election is over, the question confronts us: What are we to do? Political solutions are not going to come in the next four years for the many urgent problems of the world. Our national politics are… More

X.O.I. is here

If you’ve been hanging around the fridges at CIC Boston, you may have noticed a new orange beverage on the 18th floor. I recently sat down with the co-founders of X.O.I, Myron Lam and Linh Tran, to talk about their… More

Leadership in a Nutshell: How to become a stronger leader starting today

This is a guest post by Lucy Meadows, certified Career Coach, who can be found at:    “The way to be a better leader is to be a better human.” —Jerry Colonna   What intrigues you about leadership? Pulling people… More