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TechStars’ Accelerator Event: Turning Motion Into (Startup) Progress

Are you mistaking motion for progress? How do you know if your business is moving forward?  What benchmarks have you set in place to ensure your work is reaching its end goal rather than moving in circles?  Today’s entrepreneurs and… More

Humans of Impact Hub: Danielle Goldman

What are you working on now? I co-founded Open Avenues Foundation in June 2018 with the mission to equip and empower immigrants to thrive in the United States and to advance society. Our programs aim to change the narrative for… More

Solopreneurs: How to Get More Business in 2019

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Is this the year you have vowed to get all the business you can handle? It takes work, and it’s also easier than you may think. What it really takes: building awareness of… More

On Not Celebrating Black History Month

“In 1969, we were fighting to get in, now we’re fighting to be included.” We resonated strongly with these words spoken by Collette Philips, the keynote speaker for the National Association of Black Accountants event, “Breaking Down Barriers on the… More

How to Save for Retirement as an Entrepreneur

Retirement is one of those areas that individuals put off. Many people think education funding, vacation planning, and other immediate expenses should come first and retirement can be tackled or started tomorrow. Does that sound like you?   So why… More

How Much of Your Authentic Self Do You Bring to Work? A Conversation

Recently, a group of Host Team members gathered to talk about an issue that has deep resonance for entrepreneurs: How much of your authentic self do you bring to your work, and how has that changed since you went independent?… More

Managing on an Entrepreneurs’ Unpredictable Income

This week, Will Gee, Hubber and financial wellness trainer, continues our occasional series on financial wellness for social entrepreneurs. Today, Will answers the question of how to manage an unpredictable income in the early stages of a venture. How to… More

Lifehacks to Save Time, Money, and Sanity for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a lifelong dream for many. We know it can entail long hours, no salary, and a fair amount of stress. Being part of a supportive coworking community can help a lot. So, too, can finding practical… More

Art for Social Change: An Evening of Visual Arts

On October 4, 2018, Impact Hub Boston hosted an evening of visual and performing arts that tie into social issues locally and internationally. This event was part of ImpactFest, an annual week-long celebration of our community’s impact, of the strength… More