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Impact Hub Boston at 5 Years: Results from Our Annual Survey Show Growth, Commitment, Engagement

The results are published for our annual member survey, looking at the demographic makeup who we Hubbers are, and what creative, innovative work is being produced by the organizations that make up our wonderful community. Each year, we survey our… More

Co-Creating Our Future: A Conversation on Mass Incarceration in Boston

On October 9, 2018, Impact Hub Boston hosted a deep discussion around the issue of mass incarceration and the role it plays in the future of Boston. Panel experts shared their diverse experiences with the topic, and participants were then… More

Financial Basics for Entrepreneurs: How to Save, Get a Mortage, and Have a Life When Your Income is Ever-Changing

Welcome to a new topic area of Impact Hub’s Social media presence: financial wellness. We are here to address questions and/or issues faced by all of us as entrepreneurs. My experiences have shown me that we constantly struggle with finances… More

Humans of Impact Hub-Graunt Kruger

Q: Could you tell us about yourself? My name is Graunt Kruger. I am the CEO and co-founding partner of the US subsidiary of Intellidex. We have offices in South Africa and the UK. We do financial services and capital… More

Humans of Impact Hub: Jacob Fohtung

I’m Jacob Fohtung, a 2nd year MBA student at Babson College and the co-founder of Jamani Ventures, an investment platform for early-stage  African startups. I’m from a family of 8. I was born and raised in Cameroon in the West… More


Starting a business is fun, at least in the dream stage. You envision all the good you’ll do for the world and of course, she’ll reward you with a fulfilled purpose, great PR and skyrocketing revenue. Your heart is aflame… More

Summer at Impact Hub: How Does Coworking Help You Stay Productive in the Summer?

We all love the summer, but it sure is easy to get lost in dreams of lying on the beach.  What is it about Impact Hub that makes it easier to stay productive even in the summer, while still enjoying… More

SDG 4: Education Focused Impact Members @ IHB

These words couldn’t be more profound because of education’s long-lasting effects for generations. Among the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), one of the most powerful goal is SDG 4 on Education that calls to ensure ‘inclusive and equitable… More

Director’s Perspective on ‘This Ain’t Normal’

On May 10th, Impact Hub Boston screened the documentary ‘This Ain’t Normal’ as part of an ongoing series of screening movies and documentaries that feature social causes. The well-attended screening was followed by a panel discussion with candidates running for… More