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The Death of “Non-Profit”

Trump pollutes everything he touches. Now he has killed the term “non-profit” as a signal of public benefit and social good. “Non-profit” literally comes from an IRS designation for an organization that has been classified as having a tax-exempt purpose.… More

Visibility for Impact Projects Worldwide – Impact Journalism Day

Since 2013, Impact Hub Boston (IHB) has attracted non-profit and for-profit social impact organizations to work within a collaborative space that promotes growth, positivity, and acceptance.  For a new venture, an important benefit of being located within this environment is… More

Humans of Impact Hub: Christina Inge of Thoughtlight Makes Technology Friendly

Was there a moment in your life when you knew you needed to become a social innovator? Tell us about it. What led you to the work you’re doing now? My family has always been socially engaged. I grew up… More

Water Action Based Companies at Impact Hub Boston

In Boston, access to a continuous stream of clean water is a given, however, the reality is that’s not the case throughout the world or even throughout the U.S.  That being the case, in order to create awareness about water… More

Movies That Matter: Decoding The Weather Machine

Movies That Matter IHB hosts many events throughout the year, often in collaboration with local organizations and businesses that work on mission-driven social causes.  One of them is an ongoing series called ‘Movies That Matter’ which features films, documentaries, and… More

SDGs: Pathways to Impactful Global Development

Visit Impact Hub Boston and you will see social entrepreneurs passionately working away on their global and local endeavors.  Ever wonder what these Hubbers have in common, other than sharing a common work space?  Chat with a Hubber and you… More

‘The Most Important Thing I Know’

Being an entrepreneur means that you are constantly pulled in multiple directions by changing priorities. Occasionally, I need a break and at Impact Hub Boston, I love that I can go to the community tables and strike up a conversation… More

Member Profile Video: Fernando Contreras of Hades United

Choosing an effective coworking space as a working artist is important. Studio artists, of course, need studio space, but what of writers, digital media professionals, and writers? Where can you, as a creative, find the space to grow your vision… More

What’s Coworking Like at Impact Hub Boston?

For those who are wondering what it’s like to work at Impact Hub Boston’s coworking space, and what makes Impact Hub Boston unique, here are some testimonials from our long time members.   “Everything you could do in a coffee… More