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ImpactFest: A Retrospective on an Incredible Week

Earlier this month, Impact Hub Boston celebrated our fourth anniversary in spectacular style, with a weeklong series of panels, Food for Thought sessions, art events, and parties that showcased the best of our community. Here, members share what they found… More

HOIH: Sean Gallagher Explains Organizational Culture

Fifteen years ago, I was a partner in a consulting firm that focused on helping large companies improve their marketing effectiveness. Funny thing was, everyone could and did learn the marketing best practices, but few changed the way they worked,… More

HOIH: Lauren talks about empowering girls

Komera is a non-profit organization based out of Impact Hub Boston that invests in young women in Rwanda. The organization selects 20-30 girls every year, from the most vulnerable families, and pays for their secondary school education, uniforms, health insurance… More

A Farewell To Cat

She’s a Renaissance woman: Amazon Best Selling Author, a keynote/TEDx Speaker, the Book Midwife, and an accomplished teacher. She’s written THIRTEEN books and created writing Masterclasses including Writing Made Simple Academy, the Write Your Book in 40-Days Program, and Speak… More

ImpactFest is Just Around the Corner

ImpactFest is around the corner! What is ImpactFest, you ask? It’s a weeklong series of programs celebrating the ImpactHub community as it turns 4–a celebration of all our members have achieved, and the diverse social impact initiatives that make Boston… More

How to Choose a Seat at Impact Hub Boston

We polled some of our members and asked them how do they choose where to sit at Impact Hub Boston. Watch this video to see some of the answers. These members of Impact Hub Boston Coworking Space are interviewed by… More

Coworking Etiquette: Get the Most Out of Your Coworking Membership

We love coworking; it’s no secret. And we think we have the most amazing community here at Impact Hub, one of caring and trust, with tons of energy and great connections forming. We get it, though: when you first start… More

Telling Our Stories: Becoming a Better Business Writer

Many of us want to write better. We often want to find the perfect words to communicate our message. After all, it’s through the written that we often advocate most effectively for our causes and organizations. Whether through an email… More

Charlottesville: In The Aftermath

Hundreds of white supremacists and self-proclaimed neo-Nazis converged from all over the US on Charlottesville, VA this past weekend. Three courageous people lost their lives as a result. Heather Heyer Jay Cullen Berke M.M. Bates Here are some ways you… More