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Reverse Global Warming? Grassland Restoration & Carbon Sequestration

December 8, 2014 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Humans have “broken” many or most ecosystems on the planet. Is it possible that restoring some of these ecosystems to health would actually address the worst threat to human civilization we have yet faced, global warming? Impact Hub Boston will focus on Grassland Restoration as a tangible pathway available today to potentially reverse global warming by placing large amounts of carbon back into our soil. Carbon Sequestration, the theme of our series, is the process of storing atmospheric carbon for long periods of time. We’ll be exploring tangible examples of Carbon Sequestration with experts in distinct fields that have hands-on experience in applying these vital technologies.
For initial exploration of the topic, Seth Itzkan will discuss grassland restoration and carbon capture though the Holistic Management of grazing animals. This approach builds soil health by replicating the beneficial co-evolutionary grazing and movement patterns of wild ruminant herds – completely unlike conventional practices. The results are dramatic. They give credence to positive images of the future – yielding promise for reversing climate change, as well as for addressing issues of health, rural poverty and more. Implications for urban centers, such as Boston, will be discussed.
Ridge Shinn will follow up and discuss his work on applying these methods on his Central MA farm.



Seth Itzkan is an environmental futurist with twenty five years experience consulting with private and public agencies on strategies for success in changing times. He is President of Planet-TECH Associates, a consultancy focusing on trends and innovations, and Advisory Board Chairperson for Biodiversity for a Livable Climate, an educational nonprofit focusing on the role of biology to help reverse global warming. Seth’s clients include The Boston Foundation, where he helped conceive

and implement the Hub of Innovations tool as part of the Boston Foundation Indicators Project. Other clients have included the US Bureau of the Census and the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.  Seth is a graduate of the Tufts College of Engineering and the University of Houston Masters of Science Program in Studies of the Future. In 2003 Seth was featured on the cover of the Boston Globe Metro Region section in an article titled “The Local Forecast.”



Ridge Shinn is an expert on producing and marketing 100% grass-fed beef, and managing grasslands for multiple benefits: nutrient-dense foods; carbon sequestration, soil fertility and biodiversity; energy savings; and revitalized rural economies. In addition to managing his own herd, Ridge co-founded Hardwick Beef, a successful meat company, and has developed markets and distribution systems for 100% grass-fed beef throughout the northeastern US.

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