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Inbound Marketing Bootcamp for Startups:

November 10, 2014 @ 6:00 pm - November 21, 2014 @ 8:00 pm

Inbound Marketing Bootcamp for Startups:



  • 6 Days of Inbound Marketing Education and Consulting

  • 18 hours with Inbound Marketing Consultants

  • 6 Company Specific Inbound Campaign Projects reviewed by Inbound Experts

What’s the Point of this Bootcamp?

The purpose of this bootcamp is to equip startups and small businesses with step by step directions and a variety of tactics to execute ridiculously successful fully featured inbound marketing campaigns from the ground up, that yield “growth-hacky” results!


Inbound Marketing is not complicated:

Step 1. Know who you are targeting.

Step 2. Know what your customers care about.

Step 3. Solve their concerns by publishing useful and educational content.

Step 4. Make sure your content gets found by the people who will benefit from it.

It’s a process of Research, Content Creation, Promotion, Networking, Engaging and Contributing to your industry.

Inbound marketing is the best form of marketing (we aren’t the only ones who know this) but we also believe that anybody can be extremely successful at inbound marketing.

As inbound marketing consultants, we know this as a fact and we don’t want it to be a secret.

Our goal is to have more companies that change the world. That’s honestly what drives us.

We have built a training bootcamp that will increase the success of startups without the $10’s of thousands of dollars consultants charge.

The bootcamp is not a typical class. You will have access to the resources, lectures, and workshop directions for life through an online portal. Additionally, the classes operate like a system. They contain step-by-step directions that function as a repeatable process. The system is your marketing operation playbook.

After completing the 6 day training you will have designed your unique inbound marketing strategy, built an inbound marketing process, and executed each of the inbound activities necessary for success.

If your company commits to the inbound marketing process we developed together, then you will begin to see a significant increase of sustainable levels in visitors and leads to your company over time. If you don’t believe us look at the success of companies who do inbound right.

Bootcamp Agenda

The 6-day bootcamp is lead by inbound experts. 3 Classes per week for 2 weeks. The curriculum is designed to build an inbound marketing process into your organization.

Week 1
Nov. 10 – Class 1: Inbound Methodology, Website Optimization, Keyword Research
Nov. 11 – Class 2: Industry Mastery: Content Strategy
Nov. 12 – Class 3: Creating Buyer Personas

Week 2
Nov. 17 – Class 4: Blogging
Nov. 18 – Class 5: Content Conversion Paths
Nov. 19 – Class 6: Promotion


Bootcamp Class Structures and Features

  1. Lectures

  2. Walkthrough with real world examples

  3. In-class consulting with your company

  4. Homework assignments where you apply the directions learned to your company and product. Once submitted inbound consultants review and provide feedback to ensure your inbound marketing campaign is optimized for success.

  5. Life-time access to HD High Quality Recordings of class lectures, downloadable worksheets, and guides via the online portal.



Mark Espanol launched his career when he quit Finance and dove head first into the startup world when he was awarded $40,000 by Startup Chile (100 accepted out of 1577 applications) to start a software company in Chile, South America. With his small team he started Art Circle, a “Netflix for Local Art” software company, but fell in love with Inbound Marketing. He studied Inbound Marketing from SEO specialists, profitable bloggers, digital marketing agencies, and super internet entrepreneurs. While in Chile, he shared what he learned through marketing team consulting, and in-person marketing classes at the South American Incubator. He scaled his helping nature by teaching an online class on Content Marketing and has helped 775+ companies, bloggers, and internet entrepreneurs to date. After graduating from Startup Chile, he returned to the U.S and consulted EdTech startups at LearnLaunch with their Inbound campaigns and developed an in-depth understanding of Alumni Relations, Admissions, and the Tutoring Industry. Mark wanted to help more startups so he launched CODE MIDAS, an Inbound Marketing Agency for Startups. Currently, Mark and his Co-founders are launching an Inbound Internship Development program to supplement the bootcamps he runs. His favorite food is the cheeseburger and he loves lifting weights, traveling, and music festivals. He is Inbound Marketing Certified, and HubSpot Certified.

Chris Lane has been a performing magician since he was 12 years old. Not the cheesy type your parents hired for you in kindergarten, but the type that showcases an artful mastery of presentation, movement, and misdirection. Chris unknowingly, became a genuine Inbound Marketer when he jumped into the online EDM community with BeatInvasion.com, a startup music blog. He researched, wrote, edited and published various spotlight articles and interviews. Focusing his attention on up and coming EDM artists with less than 10,000 Facebook fans, Chris grew the reputation of Beat Invasion and artists by increasing website traffic. Social media was natural for Chris as his outreach and caring personality gained him recognition from record labels and music managers. He wanted to make a bigger impact, and took his skills to the startup world. Both Chris and Mark consulted Edtech Startups at LearnLaunch. They both were unsatisfied with helping only a few startups at a time. They teamed up and co-founded CODE MIDAS, an Inbound Marketing Agency for Startups. He leads the Inbound Internship Development program aimed at training Undergraduates and Graduates students in copywriting expertise, content strategy, and inbound marketing fundamentals. He obtained his HubSpot Inbound Certification and specializes in blogging, content strategy, and social media optimization.


November 10, 2014 @ 6:00 pm
November 21, 2014 @ 8:00 pm
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