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Monthly Sexy Salad

It’s our monthly community potluck dinner!

Bring your favorite salad topping or side dish that embodies those flavors for you, and per usual we’ll provide the greens for the salad base.

For newcomers, here’s how it works:

Our dinner Sexy Salad functions a lot like Impact Hub itself: we provide the foundation, and you bring your personal pizzazz and skills that make this a dynamic place to connect and take new ideas to work.

For Sexy Salad, we provide the greens and dressing and you provide the zesty topping – your best watermelon slice, favorite cheese, grilled avocado, fresh berries, homemade croutons, sungold tomatoes, or candied pecans – the more, the merrier. Not into salad? That’s cool. Impress us with your favorite potluck dish.

Impact Hubs across the world, from Bucharest and Vienna to Kyoto and Oakland have been hosting Sexy Salads on the regular; we decided it was time to join the party.

Join us to celebrate our growing community and learn more about what we’re all bringing to the table.





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Impact Hub Boston

logo for Impact Hub Boston, Boston's home for social innovators and entrepreneurs

Date & Time

May 15 | 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM


Impact Hub Boston – 15th floor


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Free

Updated on 01 May 2017