Work Trade Roles and Details

Daytime Host:

  • Greet everyone who comes into the space, and provide tours for new members and other interested parties.
  • You will be the first contact that people see when they enter the Impact Hub or pass through for events. Expect to be interacting with many different people from many different walks of life, and be able to present Impact Hub and it’s partners positively, while fielding questions and forwarding inquiries to appropriate parties.
  • Impact Hub is a space where people connect, and you should see yourself as an empowered connector. You’ll get to know our members as you work in the space, and should aim to familiarize yourself with as many people as you can. Introduce members to each other in a thoughtful and effective way. We're much more effective at working when we work as a group, and we want you to reinforce that group.
  • Carrying out random acts of kindness. We’re a community space, and a community is nothing without a little celebration. If you hear of something worth celebrating, or if you see someone whose day needs a lift, help us find a way to bring some light into their lives. Did a member just have a birthday? Did a member just have a baby? It's part of your job to know these things, and find appropriate ways to let the community at large know as well.
  • Tidying and stocking up to ensure our space continually reflects who we are and what we value.
  • Engaging in word-of-mouth marketing to build the network.

Connect Member Host:

  • Be the Impact Hub Representative for our weekly Community Membership Coworking Hours (This shift occurs only Tuesdays from 4PM-10PM)
  • Run weekly orientation sessions for new community members (Orientation materials provided)
  • Onboard and train members to use our online community tool. Monitor new members using the tool to ensure their success.
  • Help supervise space during Monday Community Coworking, and answer questions that Community Members have about Impact Hub Boston & our space.
  • Use information from Orientation sessions that you lead to update member information on our website and in-space member wall.
  • Be the eyes and ears of Impact Hub on Monday nights. Help to connect Community Members with resources both inside and outside the Impact Hub Boston space.
  • Cover regular space maintenance, like daily checklist (restocking office supplies, kitchen cleanliness & dishwashers, trouble-shooting issues for members.)

Public Program Support:

  • Help plan and execute Impact Hub Boston's public facing events series such as; monthly Tools for Impact workshops for social entrepreneurs, monthly Open Project Nights, and the quarterly Co-Creating Our Future and Movies that Matter series.
  • Work with the Impact Hub staff to strategize, research, perform outreach and execute these event series with particular emphasis on highlighting local entrepreneurs of color in the Boston area.
  • The Public Program Support will be expected to dedicate at least four hours a week to working within the Impact Hub coworking space, while the other four hours of the commitment may be completed remotely.

Blog/Social Media Content Support:

  • Help create content for social media to connect the Hub with our stakeholders and spread the word about how awesome we are. Write tweets, create graphics, and ensure a steady stream of engaging content.
  • Write profiles of social impact innovators in the Impact Hub space.
  • Research and write in-depth content around key topics in the social impact and nonprofit space. Help produce a resource center for aspiring nonprofit leaders and social innovators, covering business, leadership, and organizational topics.
  • Identify fascinating stories around the Hub and around Boston and bring them to life in our blog
  • Project hosts will be expected to dedicate at least four hours a week to working within the Impact Hub coworking space, while the other four hours of the commitment may be completed remotely.

Graphic Design Support:

  • Execute projects as identified & prioritized by Impact Hub staff and members. To see a sample project plan, email our team by the contact form below.
  • Project hosts will be expected to dedicate at least four hours a week to working within the Impact Hub coworking space, while the other four hours of the commitment may be completed remotely.
  • Engaging in word-of-mouth marketing to build the network.

Arts Support:

  • Work closely with Hub staff to curate a rotating set of visual art pieces for the Impact Hub cowork space
  • Plan and execute quarterly arts programming around social justice topics
  • Serve as an advocate for art, and social justice conversation through art, in the Hub community
  • Other arts-related assignments as needed

Time & Value Commitment

  • Fulfill 8 hours per week: All of our Hosts & Supports are expected to commit and total eight hours per week to their work with Impact Hub Boston, with the exception of the Graphic Design Support, who works directly with Hub staff to solidify a timeline for project delivery.
  • Attend Monthly Gatherings: Once a month all Hosts are expected to attend one 'All Host Gathering' which serves to both connect hosts with resources, and also to build community internally as a team. These gatherings are optional for Supports.
  • Dependable Commitment: Although this is a work-trade position, please treat this role with the same dependability and professionalism as you would any job.
  • Mandatory Orientation: All hosts will be required to come to a mandatory full day orientation at the beginning of the cohort. There are also a handful of mandatory trainings throughout the cohort on cultural competence and other important topics.

Work-Trade Compensation

For contributing your time, energy and talent to Impact Hub Boston, you receive:
  • A full cowork membership to Impact Hub Boston valued at $385/month during your Hosting commitment period (or, for a Graphic Design Support, for an agreed upon number of months upon project completion).
  • Professional development in the form of occasional trainings and formal/informal networking opportunities.
  • Curated, thoughtful introductions to the movers and shakers in the Boston social enterprise community.
  • References from core Impact Hub team members to put on your resume.

A Good Fit

Wondering if you're a good fit for one of these roles? We're always looking for people who are...
  • dependable
  • self-motivated
  • socially conscious
  • comfortable working with basic digital technology (like Google Drive)
  • happy to 'get your hands dirty' helping with logistics around the space
  • love to be around other people
We're looking for folks all along the spectrum from introverted to extroverts, but please know that it will be necessary to proactively make connections with other Hub members, introduce people to each other, and engage in conversation regularly. It's also very helpful to have a working knowledge of the Google for Business apps, or to have the ability to quickly adapt to a new technology. Being willing to download Slack and use it to connect with the rest of the Hosting Team is huge, and using our online forums to engage with our larger community.

Thank you for your interest in working with Impact Hub Boston!